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Natural Camping Tents

Camping Naturally !

Eco Happy Friendly.

Sharing some natural tents ( Good for your health and happiness )

Tents that are biodegradable.

Naturally water proof ( without plastic or chemicals )

That BREATH so you can breath.

That Smell good

That have good natural lighting  (Not fluro strange reflections ) - everyone looks more beautiful like this.

Ones that you can lie directly on the earth with and feel nature. Like going barefoot or wearing natural soled shoes such a wood, cork or espadrilles - it is so much more naturally energising , connective and healing )

Everything you touch has a Karmic effect - choosing something that is conscious is good Karma. Good Karma is everything ! All happiness, Health and wealth is in good Karma :)

Here is what I found :

UK :


(The cotton canvas is really good pure cotton) 




Note :

If you're really good you could make your own.

Many travelling Yogis are adept at sleeping on a natural yoga mat and making a tent with a wooden pole in the middle or tying cotton canvas between trees or rocks.