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A Cold Shower - One of the most powerful Natural Medicines in the world

Ishnaan, The Science of Hydrotherapy


How to have a Yogic Shower - One of the most powerful Natural Medicines in the world ! Full article here

The power of water is sixty percent of the power of the human. In hydrotherapy we believe that the sixty percent water in the body can be totally exchanged in sixty minutes with outside water. 

Following are instructions for the specific applications of hydrotherapy. Focus the stream of cold water:

  • Just below the lower lip for ten or fifteen minutes - you will be bright and your mind will be very clear.
  • Between the eyebrows and the upper lip - you will be very energetic.
  • On the forehead - you will be so sleepy that you can't match it.
  • On the upper arm while massaging the arm your elbow to just below your shoulder - you are totally curing your stomach.
  • From your elbow to about two inches above your wrist - this corresponds to your digestive tract.
  • Two inches above the wrist to the start of the wrist – this corresponds to your heart.
  • On the wrist – this corresponds to your liver.
  • On the fingertips – this corresponds to your brain.
  • On the front of the neck, letting the water run down your entire body and hands - you will totally change all your cells.
  • Let the water hit your chest and go all the way down to your genitals and you stay under it for a while, you are totally changing the chemistry of the blood from unhealthy to healthy.
  • Let the water hit your feet and massage the right foot with the left foot, and the left foot with the right foot, you are actually massaging your entire body.


Your body will be totally rebuilt. Each organ will be rebuilt. How? When you take a cold shower, your blood rushes out to meet the challenge. This means all the capillaries open up and all deposits and toxins have to go. Everything is cleaned; it is a very cleansing process. During hydrotherapy, the body is challenged by the cold water and by massaging the body you can help meet the challenge and you will not feel cold.

For best results you could find a spring to bath in ! I've done this a few times and its wonderful !

See : http://www.findaspring.com or a your countries equivalent for a pure river  of http://wildswim.com 

Happy Bathing !