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Natural Lighting - An Eco Eternal Flame of Love


There are Infinite reasons to enjoy a Natural Candle,here are some :

Natural lighting can restore and heal eyesight. People on meditation retreat who enjoyed only natural lighting from a fire or oil / butter lamps experienced greatly improved eyesight. Natural lighting is a Ayurvedic cure for the eyesight.

There may be a time when there is no electricity and you are not able to buy a candles or batteries for a torch from a store. Knowing how to make a natural light is helpful.

Oil Ghee lamps last and burn for much longer than manufactured candles and are much more good value for money.

Eco friendly is good karma.  A synthetic candle ( most store bought types ) release harmful gases into the atmosphere as they contain synthetic chemicals.

In many spiritual traditions such as Japanese Zen Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism and Hindu yoga schools meditation on a natural flame is a much revered practice. Meditation on a flame is a kind of meditation called a Tradika. Please be sure that the flame you meditate on is 100% pure and natural otherwise it defeats much of the object of the purity of the meditation. Sikh meditators mostly worship the flame in their cooking fires and eternal flames in Gurdwara Temples.

How to make a home made candle

- Take one clay pot. ( This is ideal and what is traditionally used but any fire resistant vessel will do - natural is better). A Roman pottery candle design is more advanced. Hanging clay Roman candles can light an entire temple without oil spillage safely.

- Pour in your Oil or spoon in your Ghee.

( Most people in India use Ghee or Mustard Oil. The Romans and Greeks had Olive oil lamps. I am sure most types of Oil would work - high smoke point oils like soya bean oil also work well. Ghee is probably easiest as it is most convenient to make at home )

- Roll a wick out of cotton wool (You can use natural cotton wool directly from the plant or now days you can buy a large roll of cotton wool from a pharmacy). In a war type situation you could use anything you have from a strip of cotton cloth or perhaps you could weave a wick out of plaited grass )

- Place the long wick in the oil with a dry end to light sticking out and light the end of the wick. If you really are an eco warrior you'll light it from the fire you've started with without matches using natures finest.

Fire from a Knife, stone and some easily flamible kindling 

Fire from two sticks 

Enjoy !