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Clear Mind - Clear Vision - The benefits of Natural Shampoo.

What your pour into your skin has an effect on the whole system.  A hair follicle directly leads into the brain. 

Cleansing purely can awaken the brains neurones, improve and perfect a memory and detoxify and eliminate unhelpful thought forms. 

Hair is part of kidney meridian according to Chinese medicine. This meridian excretes toxins from the body via the hair follicles especially emotions relating to fear or anxiety. The hair follicle is also the major part of the lymphatic system which detoxifies the body.

A good question to ask a hair cleanser is - Would you eat it ? If you don’t think it is kind enough for your tongue it may not be kind or pure enough for your skin, mind and eyes. Choose to massage something pure and kind into you. 

You can easily find ingredients in a good herb store or online. eBay or etsy is also a good place to find good value organically dried herbs.

Ritha - Around 1-3 Rita's soaked in water over night ( can be re- used which is good as it gets milder)Add water to the pot and rub the ritas in your hands in the morning for a lather and bubbles. Pour the liquid over , leave for a few minutes and massage/ rinse with water. Ritha ( soap nuts which are available online and grows abundantly in India ) is also the most wonderful natural clothes soap.

Neem leaves in water overnight which makes a cleansing water infusion. It is also medicinally healing for any scalp conditions, itching , skin cancer, and much more.

Amala and Shikkai - place around 4 dried amala halves and one dried Shikkai pod in water overnight. You can also use amala on its own. Amala is very cooling and full of vitamin C ( you can take vitamins in through the skin ! ) . Amala water or cooled tea is also a very cooling drink great for summer. This shampoo works very well and is what I used for a period and loved it. You can also add more water for a few days so it goes along way.

Lemon juice water can be used as a pre- wash rinse if something is greasy or very dirty.

Charcoal - I am not sure of the exact details details but I think you powder it...you could also clean the hair with fire wood ash.

Pure Clay/mud- put the powder or the slippery stuff on ( there are a few ways of doing this ) - mud/clay absorbs all the dirt and takes it with it. Some Nihangs after a morning bowel elimination wash their hand like this. It's very cleaning and a good mudra to rub your hands with the real earth.

Nettle. 60g of crushed nettles with two and a half cups of water. The mixture can be boiled in a iron pan, allow to cool.. As well as a hair wash you can also drink this mixture hot or cold which is said to stimulate hair growth. Milarepa drank Nettle tea for a good reason.

Rye - Boil a few tablespoons of rye flour in water. When cooled mix well - this liquid paste is cleansing.

Soapwort - An plant commonly found wild by rivers. You can also grow it in your garden. It has be found in the United States, United Kingdom , Australia , Canada and many more. Simply with gratitude pick a plant including the root (or a few for a months supply ) and soak in water. It keeps for many days. The soapy solution can also be used to wash clothes. Best of all this plant is free. Some people use the whole plant and some just the root. To experiment Google online for many varying recipes that oftern include other herbs for a lovely smell such a lemon verbena or rose petals.

Powdered Herb Mixture Rita's,with Powdered dried Amala and powdered dried Shikakai. A very small handful of the above mixed powdered, add water to make a paste. Experiment with proportions. There are many powdered herbs you can also add to the mixture like lavender, neem,rose petals,rose hips and many more. Traditionally powdering is done with a pestle and mortar from dried herbs. Choose the most eco friendly powdering method.

Herb Mixture  ( Soapnut based - Make your own mixture of what is available. Store the dry mixture in a container then simply add water to a small scoop to make a shampoo paste) Experiment making your own mixture is reported to find what makes your hair very soft and clean. This one is one girls favorite.

Hibiscus- 10g Stimulates hair growth, helps prevent early-graying, helps with dandruff

Brahmi- 15g Strengthens roots, relieve itchy scalp and helps prevent drying.

Neem- 5g Reduces hair loss and reduces dandruff

Soapnut- 70g Prevents hair loss, cleans hair while making it soft

Amla- 15g Strength to roots, adds shine, promotes growth and prevents premature graying 

Fenugreek- 10g Helps hair look fuller, locks moisture in, adds shine

( You could include into the mix many cleansing or softening herbs like rose petals , lavender chamomile , lemon or orange peels and many more )

Lassie : pour on, leave on for 10 mins then rinse.

This is a kind of liquified homemade yogurt ( called curd in India )which has helpful bacteria in it. The helpful bacteria in homemade yogurt is vastly stronger than the store bought kind. This is what cleans.

Yogi Bhajan used to in the past wash his hair one time a week like this. Some yogis in the past said that they found that Lassie left a film on their their hair. This may be solved by:

 * rinsing with pure water from the earth ( not sewage recycled water)

 * Let it dry completely in the sun/ open air as Yogi Bhajan instructed. 

*  It may help if the pores of your hair follicles are “Open” . To Open the hair follicles , be as devoted to purity in the care of your hair as you can . Comb your hair with a wood comb very carefully twice a day. 

Curd : Instructions as above. Yogi Bhajan also mentioned he used curd in the past to wash his hair every 72 hours and dried it completely in the sun saying it was for Vitamin D, phosphorus and sun energy happiness.

Curd/ Lassie with Rita's ( soap nuts left in over night) This is more astringent and grease dissolving. It may be better to let the grease just come out gently and be patient instead of attacking it.

Pure Water : Many people find that if they wash their hair simply and most purely in pure water from a spring or well that it is miraculously cleansing. ( See findaspring.com and other websites for natural water sources for details)

If you know of a natural shampoo recipe - please share it for the benefit of all.


Some  people - went through a hair detox when they stopped using chemicals. In that step to agreeing with nature  incredible smells, grease, sludge, and more may be eliminated from your hair follicles, Nadis, mind and body. Do continue following the natural way as many seem to experience cleaner eyes , brain cells repaired,  a memory vastly improved , body rejuvenation and also a direct experience of the good karma from being so Eco friendly.

Truly the greatest poetic grateful devoted love letter may not have the words to describe the softness and cleanness of my hair and the beneficial experience of being in happy harmony with what is natural.