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Natural Headache Healing

Spiritual masters write that everything is our reflection . Are you a headache for someone ? According to the law of karma did you cause in order to effect or experience ?

 Reflection RemedyBe the peace and and helpful relief in all places, spaces and interactions. 

Aromatherapy (works !) :  from your spice or herbal tea rack try smelling rosemary , mint leaves , rose petals or lavender . Plants in their natural form such as dried are best. A handmade dried lavender pillow is kinder and more soothing for you and the environment than a factory made oil . Opening up the airways by the sense of smell is deeply healing.

Mantra For Headache relief

Thoughts and The power of the word transforms. Yogi  Bhajan said when you have a headache, "just feel, "Happy am I, Healthy am I, Holy am I" and it will go away. It works like Tylenol. "

He also said " When you take Tylenol, it doesn’t mean that your headache is gone. Headache is there, cause is there, but the feeling of that headache is gone." Luckily he shared many ways to help headaches go away and truly disappear.

Food and Drink

Fresh Ginger Tea : Ayurvedic texts recommended ginger tea for a woman's pain relief. Ginger Increases circulation and relieves nausea which may accompany a migraine.

Almond Milk - magnesium relaxes the blood vessels. Almonds have long been a cure for tension , headaches and blood purification. Traditionally Almond milk is made naturally in a stone pestle and mortar .Try to find almonds with their shells still on as the almonds are more pure and powerful. .Yogi Bhajan also suggested mixing almonds into a paste with saliva by chewing well had a similar effect.

Cooked Lettuce - for relaxing a tension headache warmed lettuce is one of the most powerful natural relaxants and sleeping aids. Caesar was said to be cured from epilepsy (which can include nervous system headaches)  from romaine lettuce.

Calcium and Potassium :Potassium rich fruits such as Watermelon and peaches are known to relieve headaches. Calcium rich foods are well documented to relive headaches : examples of calcium rich foods include green leafy vegetables such as spinach, mustard leaves and sesame seeds.


You can also topically apply a paste . Traditional headache reliving pastes include , ginger , black pepper , sage leaf  and rose petal. It is far better to make your own rather than buy something like Narayan oil or Tiger balm. The fastest to make is ginger as you can splice it open in your fingers. If your skin is sensitive wrap it in cotton.

Massage for Headaches :Simple Yogic massage from Yogi Bhajan    

Temples If someone has a headache, just massage them on the temples.  Just pressure them and then let go.  These are the temples of God.  This area, these temples control the prana in your inflow of life.  So we create a pressure at the base of your arcline, the lifeline of the aura.   

Eyebrows : The eye brows relate to the analytical thinking of the mind. Stroke your eyebrows in an outward direction.  Eyebrows should never be cut or plucked.

Reflexology :

Foot : 1. The neck of the big to related to the neck. Relaxing and increasing circulation to this area can release tension and restore a healthy flow of energy. 2. Very gently tune into any "crystals" or blockages in the big toes and massage them with loving kindness.

Chinese foot reflexology 

Lifestyle for Headache Healing

Natural Hair Wash

There are shampoos you can eat ! Plant based homemade without chemicals Such as soap nuts (ritha or neem leaves ) See the blog www.soundlotus.com or online for a fuller list of options all easy to make in minutes.

Wooden Hair Comb : combing your hair is said to aid in rejuvenating the brains neurons. Moving static or "stuck " energy with natural wood is reported by many to make headaches disappear.

Exercise and Yoga ( The Kundallini Research Institute)

Hip and head opener ( link to instructions )

Frog Pose ( A variation of ) To measure how young you are:  Get into Frog pose: Put your hands on the ground.  Now come up with your butts in the air, keeping knees and legs straight, bending over touching the ground.  Grab hold of the heels and press nose into the knees. You will never have trouble with Headaches if you can do this.  It means you are young and you will survive.

Cat pose is meant for your creative energy and to get rid of headaches.

Bowing easy pose Sit in easy pose. Bend forward, touch forehead to floor, then come sitting back up,  This is very good for circulation. It is the best face lift.  And it avoids Headaches.

Lie down Chin to the chest Posture for Headaches:  Lie down on your back.  Raise your head off the floor and do long, deep breathing for 1-3 minutes.

Meditation for headaches ( See yogamint.com for a video) Meditation for Headaches, especially migraines.  Sit in easy pose, raise your arms up overhead, & spread them out to a 60 degree angle.  Hands are in giaan mudra.  Close your eyes, and look to the hairline. Hold the posture with normal breathing for at least 11 min. Then relax the hands down onto the knees and chant in a monotone, "We are the love" for 1-2 min.  Comments: Pain in the back & behind the shoulders is a sign of poor blood circulation.

Understanding the cause of Headache

In all yogic , spiritual practices , religions and natural medicine traditions such as Tibetan medicine and Ayurveda it is understood that the cause of all sicknesses is karma. All yogic and spiritual paths encourage acts of good deeds and good karma. They all teach meditation to know peace of mind, intuitive insight and understanding. All Meditate ..... ( Here is a simple meditation that is easy for everyone to do )