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Happy Dog - Beautiful Bitch

Natural Dog Medicine

Mans best friend. Everyone knows someone who loves their dog ...

A happy dog is a healthy dog. When nursing dogs, children or adults humour , happiness and the art of distraction can be miraculous. It's all about what we put our focus on. For example if a Dog has a pain in his knee if you help him focus his attention on another sensation like being stroked or smelling something or playing his " sickness " may disappear......it's all relative....

The art of attention shifting for behavioural rehabilitation also works. An example maybe unreasonable ( anger ) barking  at small dogs which you could focus pull towards playing with something loveable instead .

We can all train and exercises our minds in this way for helpful healing and pain relief.  Generally dogs are good at healing themselves and giving signals as to what they need. We just have to listen.

Healing Herbs ( in small amounts )

United Kingdom

Fresh Mint -  Fresh Mint Leaf can help indigestion, bad breath and flatulence.

Parsley - Parsley can freshen the breath and calms colon health . It also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin K, B vitamins, iron and something called limonene (an oil that kills bad mouth bacteria).

Cilantro ( coriander ) - a natural anti- septic, an arthritis cure and digestion aid for a sweeter breath full of minerals. Add just a little as the taste can be strong for some dogs.

Sage - Dogs love a sage leaf. It is an all round healer of all internal organs, skin and mouth situations.

Wheatgrass -  helps in digestion and can also help prevent tumours from forming in the digestive tract.


Cinnamon - An anti-inflammatory, cinnamon is soothing for senior dogs with arthritis or stiffness. Just a small sprinkle.

Turmeric - For internal healing, blood and bone health. Just a small amount which should be cooked.

Ginger -  In small amounts, ginger can help prevent heart disease, colitis, bronchitis, nausea, and inflammation problems like arthritis.

Neem : For Diabetes and any kind of cancer. It is also is wonderful as a skin wash for any coat conditions.

Notes : feed what grows fresh and locally. Fresh is living and a more powerful medicine. Avoid the karma of pollution air miles of imported foods. Be Earth Kind Friends.

Vegetarian Dog Food

In The United Kingdom and much of The United States many dogs are healthily vegetarian which is better karma for everyone. There are hundreds of famous vegetarian and vegan dogs like Yogi Bhajans dogs and Alicia Silverstones Dogs. Making your own dog food is also good karma as it is more Eco-friendly as there is less packaging providing you but loose ingredients from a farmers market.


People with vegetarian dogs report that since their dogs have been eating a vegetarian diet they have stopped getting fleas, hot spots, and their coats look much more glossy and healthy. They report healthier and happier dogs.

Vegetarian and Vegan Dog Foods - Coprehensive Guide Online :


Natural Dog Snacks and Chews 

There are plenty of Vegan and Vegetarian recipes for natural dog snacks and chews online

A easy looking one to make is dried sweet potato which is reported to be very popular.

Raw - dogs in the wild in their natural environment have raw food. Many Dogs enjoy raw food such as Apples , ....


General Dog Good Health Tips :

Dog Beds : Dogs are sensitive. Consider that their natural environment is natural. Dogs seem to be happier and healthier in natural dog beds such a quilted cotton which is so easy to wash. Most Dogs are actually happier outside as it is a natural dog habitat ( unless they are highly bred dogs originating from different climates ) Other good natural dog beds include cotton pillow cases filled with straw , hay or wheat berries.

Natural Dog Combs : experiment using a natural wooden comb on your dog . He may prefer a natural comb much better. 

Leads and other items ; These should be made from natural materials such as cotton, hemp, nettle or jute rope. 

Know your Dog : Become a basic vet : Get to know what your dogs pulse and breath rate is when he or she is healthy.

Dog Toys : Does your dog really need toys if his life is interesting and active ? Ponder upon what a dog really likes if he's in the wild. Natural entertainment may help your dog feel and be more intelligent.

Water Bowl :  a wild dog or wolf enjoys water from springs of clean streams and rivers. You could try to emulate that by giving your dog a natural stone water bowl. They can be found online large stone pestle and motars are great for this purpose. Native Americans make them as people in many people in India. You can find granite and marble bowls in India if you travel there. Quarries such as Portland in England make lovely bowls which are for sale online. Other good natural dog bowls are wood bowls made from sturdy wood.

Soothing smells : A cotton bag containing Bay leaf , cedar chip ( some include tansy ) in a dog basket is written to be very soothing and healing for doggies.

Washing : remember wild dogs would simply swim in clean rivers or pools. If you think you have to use anything use something very mild and natural such as the shampoo soap herb soapwort from England or Indias Soapnuts ( Ritha ). 


Vegetarian dogs are reported to have healthier coats and less fleas.

Sprays of The following herbs have prove helpful 

( make a water infusion or tea and spray )







Neem ( for people where neem grows ) 

All things bright and beautiful

Love all creatures great small