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Lung Love, cough calmers and throat tamers....

Alternative Amazingness - In ancient medicine all ailments are thought to stem from karma.

If they had a sore throat some spiritual explorers might meditate or do good deeds to pay for the karma of that ailment as a way of healing.

Could the throat karma have come from something you said ?

Could you be kinder , wiser, more generous and loving with your speech ?

For your lungs were you grateful and Concious of each breath ?

Do you treasure the air we share and do your best to help the environment and do what you can for lessening air pollution by being Eco friendly ?


 Natural Sore Throat Remedies : 

Gargle with sea salt or natural rock salt water ( avoid chemical white salt)

Soak 3-4 cloves in water overnight and drink in the morning. Gargle first before swallowing. ( A Yogi Bhajan remedy for viruses ). Cloves are also a natural anti-biotic.

* 1/2 a small tea spoon of thick turmeric paste to form a ball. Put it in the back of your throat or swallow with water. ( Cook turmeric for 8 minutes or more ). This is more recommended for conditions with mucus / phlegm. 

Liquorish tea or chew on a liquorish stick ( liquorish sticks also make great natural toothbrushes and breath freshens ) Liquorish is mucus forming so most helpful for dry conditions * Sage tea (sage leaves to steep in warm water are easily found in the spice section ). Sage is like a saintly sage doctor. It is called sage for this reason....

Rub Almond , sesame oil or Ghee into your neck. It works as the external heat stimulates the glands and increases circulation and blood flow. People wear a scarf for this reason. A cotton scarf is best. Yogi Bhajan said the most warming clothing in the Himalayan snow is cotton. He recommended quilted cotton.

Natural Decongestants :

Green Chilli ( eat raw for best effects - thinly sliced on any dish is palatable by all ) Green Chilli is also rich in Vitamin C.

* Mustard Leaves. Traditionally they are made into saag in India. If you eat them raw or add them to a salad you may find they make your eyes water ( which is cleansing for the eyes) but they also clear the nose an sinuses really well.

Ginger  * Cardamom * Fresh mint tea * Basil. 

Natural Cough and Lung Remedies : 

Chew 3-4 whole black pepper corns slowly or make a black peppercorn tea which is also a cure for Asthma by boiling half a teaspoon of whole black peppercorns in water for five minutes.

Garlic is a Natural anti-biotic - proven to be anti viral for lung infections.

Ginger is Especially good for bronchial coughs.

Tyme tea for headaches, coughs, catarrh and asthma.

* Purple Clove flowers as a tea or in a salad is a ancient remedy for whooping cough and Asthma.


The Throat Charka is also known as Vishuddha which means “purification” in Sanskirt.

Long Deep Breathing  is something everyone can do at anytime to open and purify our lungs. It's one of the easiest and wonderfully healthy practices.

How to do it ;


Be grateful for every breath and the air we share.

 Yoga Poses 

Neck Rolls, shoulder stand, pelvic lifts ( as the chin is into the chest ) and fish pose. 

Natural Anti- Biotic's : * Garlic * lemons * cloves * oregano. ( Tip: Take a small garlic clove like a pill and your breath won't smell.)

Natural Muscle Relaxants  : Turmeric ( Yogis and dancers when in physically injured or stiff  take turmeric cooked for 8 minutes + added to in milk or a rice dish or homemade yogurt ) * Cumin ( add to vegetables or rice ) * Cooked Lettuce  * cinnamon ( A cinnamon stick tea is lovely ).

General Immune boosting : Vitamin C ( Fresh is more potent and effective. Choose an orange or a squeezed lemon over a tablet) ; wear natural fibres such as 100% cotton as this aids in healthy elimination through the skin which is the bodies largest eliminatory organ ; eat and drink fresh and natural produce ideally organic ; exercise and sweat ; use natural bath and beauty products ( If you would eat it - it's better for you ) ; Happiness heals all - Be Happy.