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Natural insect solutions

Buzzzzzzz - ouch - Aaah - Natural Insect Solutions

As It's kinder karma to not kill living beings or to spray chemicals on our skin , in the air or on our sacred land.Here are some natural solutions:

Mosquitos and Midges : lavender , garlic , rosemary , neem , black pepper , citronella grass ( decorate interior or exterior spaces with them. ) You can also add them to your bath water , or make a water solution to dab on the skin. As these herbs smell great it's like wearing a helpful perfume :)

Ants : To help send them to their more natural home sprinkle any one of the following :

Turmeric powder , lemon juice , cloves , cucumber peels , cinnamon , garlic , black pepper , basil or Chilli.

Spiders : Spiders should really be living outside happily in their natural habitat. Wise wives would spread fresh conkers around the house which look beautiful. Spiders are said not to like the smell so don't enter the house. A cleaning water solution of any of the following is written to be helpful : peppermint , lavender ( remember to be gentle , a tiny suggestion to help move them back into nature is all that is needed ). Citrus peels left in likely corners is a deterrent as is generally keeping your home very tidy and clean.  Cedar wood chips or wardrobe hangings also are helpful.

Flies : hang, decorate  or wash surfaces with basil , lavender , rosemary or citronella grass. Wipe areas clean with salt water ( use natural salt ), crushed mint or  tulsi. Growing these plants in your garden or window box is wonderfully helpful.

Moths : cedar wood and lemon peels

Aphids ( and Mildew): an infusion of Chives

Slugs : ( for Gardeners and campers ) copper wire around a garden or store produce in copper or in iron pots. Oak leaves . Sea weed . Salt , grapefruit chopped up , Garlic . Spreading soot or coal around a Lettuce bed is successful for some.

Mice : freshly ground black pepper , mint and rosemary sprigs left in strategic places. Being immaculately tidy and storing everything very neatly also works.

General insect repellant : 

A water infusion of Daisy's...( A foragers favourite as they are free and grow wild )

Soothing insect Bites rashes and irritation

Basil - Rub her into a bite for relief.

A Water infusion compress of elderflower or cold  rose tea. 

A Cold compress of lavender or Bathe a in water infusion of fennel.

Bath in oats ( fill a muslin bag with oats and soak ). Oats draw poisons out of the skin. An oat bath is a traditional remedy for poison ivy and can sooth a bitten body.

Papaya is anti- inflammatory and reduces redness and swelling

Lavender soothes irritation. Make a water infusion to soak a cloth in and apply

Itchy Skin

A Compress of Camomile or valerian 

Bigger stings and bites such as from spiders, wasps and bees : 

Tomatoes help draw out stings and splinters from the skin.


Leaving an onion on the skin is written to make it easier to scrape out the sting

People find a flat implement to ease out the sting effective such as card.

Potatoes and cooked cabbage draw out poisons from the skin. Potatoes soothe and cool burning sensations.

For Plant Stings

Such a nettle sting rub a dock leaf onto the affected area.

To Love insects - it's all how we perceive them.

Pretend you are young boy, scientist ,zoologist  or cartoonist on a project Enthralled with the colours, shapes , number of legs , pincers and flying ability. What are their personalities like ?

Wisdom from Insects 

There are many wonderful lessons we can learn from watching insects. Here is a some goodies for Contemplation,

From most insects we can learn about the weather. Flies and most winged insects fly low before it's about to rain due to the air pressure. Spiders have many habits such a new web weaving that can forecast the weather.

Spiders are worshipped by many holy men and women as sacred beings - let's explore why ...

Moths are thought of a very wise by South American sharmen and Ants are praised as a form of God by Sikhs !

Best wishes to all that crawl on our earth and fly through the air we share

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