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Natural deodorants in your Kitchen

Natural deodorants in your Kitchen 

For healthy breasts , steady as steel nerves and a healthier blood stream - take care of the pits.

Our three nervous systems  meet under the armpit along with lymph nodes for healthy hormones and happy breasts  !

The hair is also an extension of the nervous system so many people choose to keep their armpit hair long as it protects the nervous system. ( natural women have less anxiety or stronger nervousness systems to compute the nervous system response )

Whatever we put under there had an effect on our system.... if you won't eat it - why would you put it into your skin, blood stream and glands ?

Citronella - good for very sweaty people. A lovely drying plant which smells truly lovely.

Potato - helpfully absorbs heat and smells. Cut a Potato in half and rub under arm.

Radish - cut and rub as above 

Turnip - ditto 

Bay leaf - drying and lovely smelling.

Crystal deodorants - these are commonly available online and can last lifetimes. In sweltering middle eastern desert heats this is women's top choice !

Lemon - my friend in hot weather loves this.

Godpo ( Sour Orange ) This fruit is roasted in the embers of a wood fire. Cool them pierce hole at the tip. Squeeze juice out and apply as under-arm deodorant ( This is used is very hot weather in the Caribbean )

Guava Bud - apply under arm.

Lovage deodorant : boil  lovage leaves or root in a pan. Simmer for 5 minutes. Cool and store in a clean Jar. To use soak a cotton cloth or cotton wool in the deodorising liquid. 

Benefits Of

It is a good deed to be Eco-friendly. Going natural also means that you have not polluted our earth with the pollution of factory production nor disposed of deodorants non-biodegradable packaging. 

Many beauty products are tested on animals so going natural in the bathroom saves lives !