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Natural Toothpowder

Natural Toothpaste / Powder


DIY homemade Toothpaste naturally gentle enough to swallow:

( Some commercial toothpastes are tested on animals - save an animals life by choosing a naturally safe option. )


How to do it

Tooth powders : Put your mixture of powder of natural ingredients in a pot.


1. Wet toothbrush

2. Put a bit of powder in your palm and dip the brush in. ( Even better if your toothbrush is natural like a miswak or neem stick )

3. Brush and rinse.


Make up a toothpowder mixture from any of the following :

( Essentially just one ingredient is needed )


Preparation Time: 5 minutes for months of toothpaste.

Many herbs come ready powdered. It's more potent and effective to grind your own in a pestle and mortar which takes minutes.


Cost :

You'll have lots of extra pocket money to do something lovely with.

It's good karma as natural toothpowder is kinder to the environment and your bloodstream as toothpaste is absorbed by the gums.



Sea salt or Rock Salt : highly absorbent. stain removing and lifting. Many people gargle with salt water to heal ulcers and sore throats.


Mint: mouth freshening , anti-septic and one of ayurvedas miracle plants frequently appearing in remedies such as for stomach soothing.


Peppermint leaf powder : cooling , breath freshening and gum

Stimulating for healing.


Sage : gum healing, disease defying ( a famous cure all ! ). You can also rub the whole leaf over your teeth to clean them. The fury leaf is very cleaning.


Clove : A medicine for toothache. Pain relieving. A natural anti-biotic and antibacterial.


Cinnamon : tastes lovely and is anti- bacterial. An ever green tree is green in all seasons.


Cayennepepper : stimulating for cell re growth and pain numbing some say if you’ve got extra-sensitive gums.


Activated charcoal and clay, draw toxins out of the body , acts as a natural tooth whitener..


Ginger : cleaning and refreshing. Stimulates circulation for new cell reproduction.


Black Pepper : Crushed powder cleans plaque from the teeth and improves circulation for pink / red healthy gums.


Neem : anti- bacterial and powerfully deep cleaning. There are many successful reports of dental miracle healing on neemtreefarms.com . Neem is a remedy for many ailments including cancer !


Dried Mango Shell : my friend in India loves this in her toothpaste. Mangoes are written in Indian poetry to be a tree of love.


Comfrey root : soothes gum and tooth inflammation and aids in healing mouths sores quickly. On an everyday basis encourages healthy gum tissue.


Cinnamon : anti-bacterial and an ever green. Circulation stimulating for pink healthy gums. Super delicious tasting !


Turmeric : Turmeric powder is more of a medicinal ingredient as it in some people may stain the skin temporarily. Turmeric is proven to aid in healing many diagnoses from AIDS to joint stiffness.


Rose Petals : soothing and a favourite healing flower


Lavender : relaxing for the nerve tissues.


Carob : A Medicine for anaemia , circulation and blood purification.


Amala : contains extraordinary amounts of vitamin C . One of indias most well known immune system cold and flu fixers.  Imagine if all your required vitamin boosters and nutrients were within your teeth cleaning !


Bilberry : natural pharmacists highly recommend bilberry.


Walnut bark : I haven't yet tried this but apparently it keeps country folks teeth very clean but it may stain the mouth temporarily which may be part of the cleaning agent in the bark.


Camomile : Soothing and healing for gum tissue.


Tyme : easy to find in Europe, tyme helps the gum tissue and tyme tea is a remedy for headaches, coughs, catarrh and asthma.


Toothgel: strawberries



Note : try to use what grows locally to minimalist pollution karma for example if in England a dried powder of thyme, rhubarb , lavender or comfrey root mixture


There are plenty of places to buy powdered herbs online or visit a garden centre to grow your own.



happy cleaning teeth :)