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In Simple Terms : Get over yourself


An interview with a pantheist animist.


Name : Emma Restall Orr


From which part of the world : England


About your spiritual practice : pantheist animist


One spiritual tip / wisdom :lesson or quote for us to practice or think about on our spiritual journey

The responsible path of a human life, perhaps, is to understand one’s self, to heal that self, then to let go one’s attachment to that self.   Understanding our drives and emotions, our beliefs and reasonings, our heritage and ancestry, language and culture, all guide us to know why behave as we do, and how we can then live as more caring, co-operative, rational people, free of desires.  It is a life’s work, but throughthe process we can become and remain responsible human beings, avoiding the many pitfalls of selfishness, our every momentbeing worthwhile within the human and non-human world.

If we are able to face death having released our attachment to the self, we are able to die in peace.  To do so is an invaluable offering of peace to all those who have loved us, and to the earth that has supported us.  Furthermore, inso doing, our essence can return to the whole, dissipating within nature in perfect freedom.  To be ready to die, everyday, is to live in peace.

In simple terms: get over yourself.


A detail of your meditation story or tradition to inspire us to seek God or practice  meditation:

Perceiving the world as mind and matter, and using language that affirms the difference, are simply tools of human culture.  Nature, the universe, in its actuality, is a minded essence, wakeful, vibrant and beyond understanding.   Through stillnesswe cangrasp the limitations of human perception, and glimpse the wholeness of nature as nature is in itself.  Such glimpses are glimpses of god, and aid us in the journey of detaching from the self. 

It is a life’s work, but there are first steps: in wakefulness we can learn to discern when we lose the self into shared human experience, and in meditation we can learn to release the self into the earth on which we sit, the wind, the river, the mist.

In simple terms: god is nature perceived by nature.


Save our earth or environment quote , advice , wisdom or prayer :

When we live with the understanding that all nature is sentient, every plant and animal, stone and river, wakeful to its environment, responding within its ecosystem, within its own fabric of relationships, then we live understanding that there are no ‘things’.  Every part of nature is divine.  Every being deserves respect.  Our task is to learn how to live in a world that is all sacred.  The key isperhaps to understand the difference between what we need and what we desire, and to learn how to fulfill our needs, wakeful and responsible for the consequences of our every action.

In simple terms: cause no unnecessary harm. 


Books and Projects to support 

‘Living With Honour’ and ‘The Wakeful World’ are books penned by this wise woman.

The website of her current project is sunrisingburialground.co.uk .