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Frugally Frugal Cooking

Frugally Frugal Cooking

( Appreciate the usefulness of everything and care about composting if you are eco-friendly )


Grateful imaginative and creative people care about not being wasteful….all the wealthiest people I know care about the details of their business and kitchen……


Potato Peel Broth

A cup of potato peel broth each morning is a remedy for stiff joints and rheumatism or Arthritis


Water Mellon Rind Pickle 

A delicious pickle. Lemon zest and orange peels also make wonderful marmalades.

Treasure everything that is natures offering...


Cheap Onion Soup for 8

8 onions

3oz Oil

1 tablespoon rice Flour

Salt and pepper

1 teaspoon of sugar or local sweetener such as apples or dried fruits

2 quarts of water


Cut the onions and fry well in oil.

Mix the rice flour smoothly with water.

Add the onions , seasoning and sugar and simmer until tender.

Thicken with flour if necessary.


  • experiment with other kinds of flour.


( A Mrs Beaton Recipe )



Economical Peels Stew with old Chapattis or stale bread :


After washing vegetables and chopping them for other dishes

Save all the vegetable peelings :


Onion peels

Carrot peels

Potato peels

Garlic skins

And experiment with any other scraps left over. 


Put them in a large pot a boil for a few hours on a fire.

Strain with a cotton cloth.

The liquid left is a delicious vegetable soup and stock.

Season with natural salt , pepper and and spices you have..


Tear up old hard Chapattis into small pieces and add to the soup.

If you have oil add that , in not it doesn't matter....

Warm over a fire until the Chapattis small pieces are soft and really mixed into the soup.


Avocado Seed is a vitamin supplement


Orange Peel is a medicine for cancer as well as being delicious grated on many things as well as into water…


There are 100s of ways lemon peels are highly useful …


What else ? Share your idea and recommendations of old fashioned appreciation of realising and respecting the usefulness of everything …..