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List of Eco friendly natural breath fresheners

 List of Eco friendlynatural breath fresheners

( A good deed to share if you know of anyone addicted to polluting our earth with plastic wrappers of chewing gums and chemical versions ) 


Cardamon : Cardamon is very convenient as you can carry the beautiful pods in a pocket and simply remove they aromatic seeds from its pretty green shell when needed. They are easy travellers. They also have the most wonderful aroma which is written in Ayurveda to be an aphrodisiac so carrying one is a natural perfume of the finest kind. The Ancient Egyptians, mostly the pharaohs and high priests chewed cardamom to whiten their teeth and sweeten their breath. Cardamon is also a digestive aid so chewing on Cardamon aftera meal helps to digest your food.

Basil : Chew on a leaf and feel how refreshed your mouth feels. It really clears any smell away. Chewing on a leaf is also a natural immune system supplement or support. It is most often taken as a simple tea with a few leaves crushed. It's aid to be age defying and a cure for cancer , lung congestion and many other this along with being a relaxant.

Sage Leaf : This is like a toothbrush too. Rub sage over your gums and teeth.The velvet like fur on the leaves removes all dirt ! It also smells amazing and give your the loveliest smelling breath ! The leaves contain antiseptic elements which traditionally heal any gum disease too. Sage also has many more benefits for example for centuries sage was a medicine for *sore throats* the memory * healing diseases of the stomach - for digestionor ulcers !* it is written to be a pacifier of anxiety and nervous headaches * it improves circulation and is restorative for the liver !

Mint : Mint is in Ayurveda considered very " high " as in it really brings draws deep heavy dirt upwards and out. It's like an ice cold shower in the mouth. There are many different kinds of mint which each do something unique so experiment and experience the individual qualities yourself.It is so airy that it is often paired with something heavier, hotter and rooting. This could be the meal you enjoyed before chewing on a mint leaf or drinking mint tea A traditional medicine said to cure almost anything is onion with mint prepared in a special way.

Fennel Seeds: These are famous breath fresheners and also digestive aids. Many people in India enjoy them either as a tea or chew on them after a meal. They are often sprinkled on heavier types of breads to make them smell lovely and also more easily digestible. They are highly anti- oxidant and part of medicines for cancers, infections and sore throats. They are also written to balance the female reproductive system as they contain oestrogen beneficial qualities.  

Parsley: Parsley is so wonderful at neutralising smells that you can eat raw garlic and still be kissableafter some Parsley ! Parsley is full of Vitamin C and also a diuretic which helps circulate the water in the body ( helpful for bloating to vanish and also disease removal via the bodies water system)

Green Chilli : Mouth odour is often second chakra or a blood impurity symptom that comes from the lower part of the body. Women with menstrual cycles that need perfecting or that are out of rhythm that need tuning into their natural rhythm again may have mouth odour - green Chillies can help !  Yogi Bhajan highly recommend green Chilli for this purpose. He loved jalapeños but any green chilli is good. Green Chillies are wonderful purifiers that elevate lower blockages out of the system. They are full of vitamin C and help in eliminating disease out of the system as the help sweat toxins out.


Also see the list of natural toothbrushes. These twig brushes also freshen the breath and clean the mouth.   They are easy to carry around, travel well and can last a while.