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Natural Vitamins

Natural Vitamins

To me ,  the natural fresh version of vitamins makes much more common sense….  generally if we eat a fresh varied healthy diet you never need to worry about vitamins supplements.


The natural fresh version is healthier and more potent as well as being more honestly priced….


And ... It didn't take a pollution factory to manufacture fruits and vegetables ….


Anyway I'd rather have a fresh as nature made it vitamin C orange than a pill .... ( no matter what the box says about cramming 100 years old chemically mixed orange that smells of pills rather than an oranges into a plastic pill pack )…..


Common sense is in our senses for example our noses tell us what was good to swallow and what was not - which option smells logically healthier ?


Some natural inspiration to swap for chemical pills :


Iron - Sikhs wear an Iron bracelets called a Kara which is a natural way to enjoy the natural supplement of iron as the iron is absorbed though the skin. I think the dosage works where by the absorption of the skin depends on the blood content. 


Vitamin C


B Vitamins




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