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Natural Breasts and Mummy Milk

Natural Breasts andMummy Milk


Why is my Baby Crying ? OMG - Baby is more sensitive than me ! 


Wow - Detective Mrs Natural to the rescue:


Breast Wear

Our Skin is one of our biggest eliminatory organs who's surface contains nerve endings , blood vessels and elastic fibres.

For optimal breast health :Wear 100% cotton bras ( see cottonique.com as an example ) without elastic or wires. For clothing wear natural fibre the skin can breath through such as cotton , nettle or hemp.



Bottle teats and Dummies

These are now available in natural tree rubber ( protect sensitive babies mouths from being stuffed with plastic ).

In India and Africa women do not have dummies for their babies. Natural lifestyles in rural areas seem to produce contented babies that cry less.



Milk production herbs ; There are plenty of herbs that assist a women in maintaining healthy and abundant milk. Each country has local herbs that are recommended for example Goats Rue and Blessed Thistle in the United Kingdom.


Milk Production tea mixtures from India : 

Caraway 2 parts 

Fennel 1 part 

Aniseed 1 part 


Fenugreek 2 parts

Aniseed 1 part 


Drink three cups per day.

How to make tea :  Let the tea bag or tea pot stand for ten minutes or so before drinking.


A healthy diet of fresh produce prepared with love is greatly sustaining and nourishing.



Breast pumping by hand is a meditation - it is also healthier for mother and baby. Chant as you hand pump. A woman's arc line goes from nipple to nipple. Hand milking is self-healing for the mother. Question what a woman priorities are that could prevent her from hand pumping. Does she care for her baby ?





Breast Massage

There are various Ayurvedic breast massage techniques. The best techniques i have seen with diagrams were printed in Ayurvedic beauty books. Gita Iyengar in her yoga book for women contains wonderful yogic breast and womb health for this time.


Breast Posture

Good posture can completely heal and uplift breasts. In everything you do from walking and sitting open your heart ( chest out, chin in think nipple heart beam to the sky ) . Lifting your boobs to the sky is mood uplifting and the physical position of opening your heart actually helps us love better and increases circulation in the area for good health.Notice that when many people are happy they have a posture of an open heart. Milk produced by a happy heart makes for a happier baby.


Breast Skin


Be Concious of what you rub into your skin. Many Yoginis live by the rule if you wouldn't eat it - why would your skin ?

Explore home made moisturisers from pure oils or aloe Vera plants ( easy to grow at home and cut a leaf when needed)

There are many natural soaps available. The most natural one I know of being Ritha or Soapnuts or soapwort root or plant. Simply add the plant to water and shake or froth for soap suds. Some people add them to a dispenser for ease of use.You can find both of these online to purchase. It's also very economical as a bag can last months. Babies have sensitive taste buds - most prefer natural tastes.


Armpit care


Deodorants : 

Many women don't use deodorant when they follow a health eating program and lifestyle as bodily smells decrease.

Some Natural deodorants to protect the naturalness of milk :


Citronella - good for very sweaty people. A lovely drying plant which smells truly lovely.

Potato - helpfully absorbs heat and smells. Cut a Potato in half and rub under arm.

Radish - cut and rub as above 

Turnip - ditto 

Bay leaf - drying and lovely smelling.

Crystal deodorants - these are commonly available online and can last a lifetime. In sweltering middle eastern desert heats this is many women's top choice !

Lemon - my friend in hot weather loves this.

Godpo ( Sour Orange ) This fruit is roasted in the embers of a wood fire. Cool them and pierce a hole at the tip. Squeeze juice out and apply as under-arm deodorant ( This is used is very hot weather 

Guava Bud - apply under arm.



Armpit Hair :


It is there for a reason ! 

The three nervous systems meet under the armpit. I and a few other Yoginis found that by leaving our hair long our nervous anxiety decreased. This may be because the hair is the bodies protector and an extension of the nervous system. Long hair or hair tips pick up on information , energy or stimulai and relay the information to the brain. Our brain computes this information and tells us what to do and how to behave. Extra time and a whole, complete nervous system that includes hair is essentially very helpful for health and happiness.



Milk Storage

In natural vessels - explore wood , hand blown glass , stone , copper

,gold and iron.

By yogis and naturalists baby milk is considered sacred. They do not put it in the fridge or freezer as they feel the vibration of the electrical factory imprints the milk. Instead during hot weather they store their milk in natural containers. Natural Fridges in India are made from clay and mud. There is also some storage that goes on beneath ground like a cold cellar.





Swing your arms when you walk. Simply being Concious of equal and supple arm swinging in an ordinary walk is very healthy for the breasts circulation.

Reach for the sky ! everyday most people can find a good reason to lift their arms in the air. For example does something high up need dusting or could a 30 second hand wave with both arms up be your sign of gratitude to the universe that you and your baby are living ?