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Corpse Pose - A you ready and practiced for the last moment ?

Corpse Pose - A you ready and practiced for the last moment ?

Something to do in your bed that can help you

Many religions throughout the world practice each day being in a state of peace when their souls rise to meet God ( Or whatever word you use to describe the journey of the soul )


Physical Posture


Relax and liedown flat on your back.


Head  - The neck is relaxed , long and the chin is perpendicular to the ground


Hands - The hands are relaxed and open facing the sky so the heart meridian in the centre of the palm is open. 


Arms - The arms are at a 45 degree angle.


Feet- Relax the feet to open outwards ( be observant of relaxing both feet equally ). In some yoga practices the heels are touching but follow your yoga teachers instruction as there are many variations of corpse pose.


Eyes - Eyes are relaxed 



When the mind relaxes, the tongue and palette become spacious, the roof of the mouth lifts and hollows and the central core of the body opens.


Mental Posture 


Are you ready for your final moments in this earthly body ? In what position are you likely to do it in?


In yoga at the end of each session we practice Shavasana which is known as corps pose. 

The name comes from the Sanskrit words Shava (शव, Śava) meaning "corpse",[3] and Asana (आसन, Āsana) meaning "posture" or "seat "


As a Yogi our practice is learning how to die Consciously in divinity.

 It is the posture of practicing relaxation and awareness in death or the ultimate letting go.

“…every day, a little ‘bit dying.”  “not waking, not sleeping.”- Pattabhi Jois


" the middle space between sleep and effort." Or " the inherent emptiness in the present moment."

It is very observant yet detached. A Tranquil mindfulness.




There are many meditations in corpse pose here are some examples:

1: observe the breath and be in peace

2 : observe the mind or body and be in peace

3 : listen to the body and the environment outside the body - and be in peace

4 : feel the air and the difference between the texture of the air and the solidness of the body.

5. Meditate upon how it may feel for a soul to leave a body.


Sat Nam

( Sat - True and perfect  Nam - the name or identity of God, every soul and substance and view is God ) The idea is by saying or remembering the mantra or words 'Sat Nam ' means we are contented that everything is true and perfect like God is.

Sat Nam