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A Spiritual Interview with a Lady Anglican Priest

A Spiritual Interview with a Lady Anglican Priest


Name :  Celia Jane Cook


From which part of the world :  I was born by the sea and grew up in East Anglia, England where I now live. However I have lived in different places across Europe and in America and love the richness and variety of other cultures, which reflect God’s extravagance of his creation.


About his/her spiritual practice :  I pray and meditate alone twice a day, reading the daily Anglican office and Bible readings. It frames and resources all that I do and say. I pray with my family at meal times and with my children when they go to sleep. I find walking restorative, as Hildegard said “Through his creation God encircles and strengthens us”


Share one spiritual tip / wisdom lesson or quote for us to practice or think about on our spiritual journey :  I love the Celtic Christian tradition which encourages us to pray daily that “God be in the heart of each to whom I speak and in the mouth of each who speaks unto me.” 


A Detail of your meditation story or tradition :  As an Anglican priest I have a duty for the spiritual and social welfare of all who live, work and visit the 4 villages for which I have the “cure of souls”. I therefore accept all who cross the thresholds of our churches and all who approach me and wish to engage with any aspect of our ministry. My greatest desire is that we become a spiritual community which loves without judgement: a safe place for others to explore their spiritual journeys and be resourced.


Save our earth or environment quote , advice , wisdom or prayer :  It’s never “both,and”, it’s always “either, or”. Creation is finite and we cannot hoard at the expense of others.






1Terra is collecting mini-interviews with spiritual people and organisations from many religions and spiritual practices which will ultimately be published into a book to raise money to build water wells and plant fruit trees to feed people - let us know if there is anyone holy you think we should interview…..

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