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Kinder Relaxing Beds

Kinder Relaxing Beds

Who or what do you blame for sleeping problems and why ?

The environment ? Your noisy neighbour ? Chemicals ? Stress ? Greed ? Anger ?


The Enlightened Guru Nanak in an Alphabet poem taught : 


Do not blame anyone else; blame instead your own actions.

Whatever I did, for that I have suffered; I do not blame anyone else. ||21||


According to most spiritual traditions Karma is the cause of most problems…..


  • Eco-friendly beds are kinder karma * being physically fit helps us rest better ( Better still if your fitness routine is a good deed such as walking checking wildlife habitats or gardening for to feed others * Meditation helps make peace with thoughts that might be disturbing * Good deeds are a good idea….


Some Ideas


Simple Long Deep Breathing Meditation


Relaxing Bedding


Natural Herbs mattresses

In the olden days people used to sleep on natural breathable bio-degradable mattresses ( Thought to be better for the health that the synthetic ones you find today ).

They contained sweet smelling herbs stuffed into the mattresses stuffing.

Mattresses stuffings ranged from straw to cotton and had a variety of healing smelling herbs added such as lavender or lady's bed straw as the stuffing. 


Herb cushion : There are many options for pillow stuffing from aloe Vera gel to cotton ...

Traditionally a cushion of dried herbs are enjoyed to calm the nerves , help us relax and sooth headaches and sore muscles.

There are also pillows made of relaxing spelt and various other eco-friendly natural materials ...


Some example medicinal cushions :


Headache cushion - equal quantities of peppermint , spearmint , bergamot and crushed Oreos root.


Asthma reliving and relaxing - hop cushion.


Relaxing - lavender ...


Shop with natural bedding: GreenFibres - you can also find better priced things on eBay and etsy.



Help a baby sleep like a baby


For a Babies bed: ( natural breathable )

Mattresses out of ; Stuffed cotton or Stuffed wheat or spelt are popular.

Cork is a more natural wipe clean material that many like.

( Many Mothers like cork yoga mats )


Native American Baby Boards :

A Native American wise expert observed that the reason a 90 year old chief is still sitting up completely straight is due to a cradle board. ( the board is behind cradle as in picture opposite )

( babies are wrapped up against a flat (wood?) board. It's is written to protect the baby from harmand helps straighten their back. Wise women say that the way modern women hold babies and loosely dangle them in without the discipline of straight backs is why white people slump.


Baby Cot :

This photo is an example of a very simple natural baby hammock in India made of wood usually tied with natural thin cotton which is breathable through. Most cots can be made with natural materials.


Prams One lady said her baby enjoyed the more naturalmaterials of a vintage pram such as a British Victoria cross pram better than a modern plastic pram. They are oftern simply steel covered with cotton canvas. ( if not you can recover them easily with cotton canvas ). You can find them online easily. 


Pappoose : there are many pappoose wraps on the market today that strap baby to your body. Choose the most natural one.