One Earth we Share - Unite in activating all to care .




A Franciscan brother

An Inspiration of KINDness to others


Name : Micael Christoffer SSF


From which part of the world : Sweden


About your spiritual practice: A Christian as a Franciscan brother


Share one spiritual tip / wisdom lesson or quote for us to practice or think about on our spiritual journey : 

Do to others as you would have them do to you. A quote of  Jesus, from the Gospel according to Luke. Jesus teaches us how to treat all people with kindness.

The Canticle of the Creatures by Saint Francis of Assisi, about how the whole of creation is one and we all pray to God.

A detail of your meditation story or tradition to inspire us to seek God or practicemeditation: 

I love to work with people with learning disabilities; they are, just like children, honest and direct. We can all learn so much about this, why make life complicated. We should be honest, direct and like children, trusting in people around us. If we all are open to be vulnerable I think the world would be a better place. We need each other and to ask for help is to be strong, not weak.