One Earth we Share - Unite in activating all to care .





1 Terra

Est 2015

1 Terra is an eco-friendly community organisation

Named after Terra ( Mother Earth in Latin ) 

With Sikh Wisdom ethics and devotion aid stations,

Our mission is to help all action for carbon footprints esp Manhattan


We are a registered   'club and charity ‘ 


 Wise seed project


We share seeds that help reduce carbon and packaging.

Forever we love the natural soap plant happening.

If you'd like to visit us , volunteer

 team up , donate , compere....

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1Terra , meaning of


 1 : United , One Love , One Whole - 1

 Ik Ong Kar is a Sikh symbol meaning the One.

Terra : from the Latin meaning earth . 

One of the principal gods of Roman worth.

Her temple dated from about 268 BC - on Esquiline Hill side

She had no special priest in her temple as nature was the guide.