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1Terra Horses

The Horse in Sikhism considered so sacred there is even a temple in his name ! Holy Elation.

1 Terra believes that horses can help in solving environmental pollution.

Ploughing farm land by horse to grow crops is truly a green revolution.

1Terra Courses

1.  1Terra natural horsemanship.

2. Subsidised beginners classes for Sussex farmers.

3. Sponsored set up of working horses on farms for farmers 


  Brooke Action for working horses  - protecting greener horse welfare worldwide.

The Sussex Horse Rescue Trust - rescue ,  natural and eco horse care - old age abide.

Riding for the Disabled who show horses can work with anyone = occupation.

Help us Preserve eco -  jobs anyone can do with horses for all the nation.


Natural Horse 


Groom Naturally  -  Try a natural brush ( It is biodigradable and kind) 

Understand  yourself with  a natural wooden comb = a healthy source , earths mind..

Horse Ways - Join us in restoring bridal paths and horse carriage ways ,

 Green example transport of Mont Saint Michele and Anandpur Sahib old days ...