One Earth we Share - Unite in activating all to care .




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( Sikh Gurdwara Foot Wash ) 

Every movement and footstep we place can be a sacred and wise walk ,

Join the meditation , pilgrimage and  prayer for the earth : all green walk...

Walk - The Harbledown Pilgrimage

Alternatively known as The Black Princes Well Pilgrimage , The Lepars Well , Saint Thomas’ Well , The Curing Well prayer..

and The Herbledown Pilgrimage ( The old name for the village named after special medicinal herbs that grown there) 

For : Individuals , friends , families and anyone who'd like to walk for a loved one or a cause.

Includes :  A History of the Holy Wells , Some pilgrim lore , History of Chantry ( to applause )

and some tales of historical devotion, some green foraging and what people did for loved ones ,

for  the redemption of sins , in hope of miracles , for sons or suns...

Spring of Sacredness

A Guided half day or early summer morning Pilgrimage on request - singles , pairs and groups all welcome.



( Seeds to balance transport  karma are gifted in class )

Wednesdays 1pm -  By the Band Stand Dane John Gardens , Canterbury ,  Kent , England.

( Close to Canterbury East Train Station )

Stroll along the city walls which border one side of the gardens to find it.

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