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Chakkra Varti !

Chakkra Varti !

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Chakravartin - an ancient Indian word that describes a perfect universal rule or ruler. One who rules ethically with love and benevolence over the whole. Such a ruler's reign is called sarvabhauma.

It is also said to mean "whose wheels are moving", in the sense of "whose chariot is rolling everywhere without obstruction". It can also be understood as an 'instrumental bahuvrīhi: "through whom the wheel or energy (Of Dharma) is moving"


Sravag - Cleanest of the Clean

Word of the moment

The first word of Tav Prasaad Savaiye


Munney , A type of Rishi with very long hair who are beyond washing, unbothered, serene in the midst of dirt. They are masters of being clean without washing. They are radiantly clean saints, so radiantly clean that they can clean anything that comes close. Worshipping Sravag ( The word is living ) is a mastery in cleanliness.

Each and every single word in Gurumukhi is beyond valuable and a treasured infinite treasury of enlightenment......Don't miss a word !   Saaaat Naaaaaam


Khesgar Sahib always with you ! Eternally bowing our heads

Guru Gobind Singh was so devoted to our hair he named the primary Gurdwara where he sat and resided Khesgar Sahib. Gurdwara means Gur means Guru or the wisdom of the Guru and dwara means door. A Gurdwara is the door through which you pass through to meet the Guru or God. Khes means hair. Gar means home.

Hair is the door which you go through to meet to Guru. Nihangs bow their head at residency of the Guru in Khesgar Sahib contunually which is why they care so much for their Hair and Dumallas. They are sublimely adorned.